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BUCKLE KOBO〜東京最後のフロンティア、京浜島の鉄工所をクリエイティブハブに〜
BUCKLE KOBO - Transforming an Ironworks into a Creative Hub at Keihinjima, Tokyo’s Final Frontier


About the Project
By transforming an ironworks on Keihinjima, Tokyo’s final frontier, into an open-access art factory, we will communicate new forms of culture emanating from the surrounding Bay Area.






BUCKLE KOBO プロジェクト プロフィールを表示



寺田倉庫 アート事業企画プロジェクト内『BUCKLE KOBO』プロジェクトチーム



About the Project
By transforming an ironworks on Keihinjima, Tokyo’s final frontier, into an open-access art factory, we will communicate new forms of culture emanating from the surrounding Bay Area.



What is Keihinjima?

Welcome to Keihinjima! Located just a stone’s throw from Haneda Airport, this manmade island is an enormous industrial belt with only one resident. This project will convert an ironworks on the island (at 2-11-7 Keihinjima, Ota-ku, Tokyo) into an open-access art factory. The first floor of the two-story factory (300 m2) will house an open-space art factory where various processing work can be performed, and the second floor will be reserved for offices and ateliers where artists can stay and create. The project will also collaborate with collective creative spaces in other countries around the world.


NYのSOHOやDUMBO、LONDONのEAST END、あるいは北京の798地区。世界には、⼯場地帯をアーティスト達のクリエイティビティによって開拓し、世界中から観光客が集まる⽂化発信都市に変えてきた歴史があります。しかし東京にはかつてこのような場所があった歴史がありません。湾岸の広⼤な場所と資源を持ってこそ、東京の他の場所で不可能なことを可能にします。この⼿付かずのフロンティアこそ東京に新たな息吹をもたらす可能性を含んでいるのです。

A Source of International Cultural Communication!

New York’s Soho and Dumbo, London’s East End, and Beijing’s 798 District are examples of industrial districts that have a history of being developed by the creativity of artists and transformed into cultural hubs attract tourists from all over the world. Tokyo, however, has no place with such a history. The expansive space and resources the Bay Area offers will make possible what is impossible to achieve elsewhere in Tokyo. This untouched frontier has the potential to breathe new life into Tokyo.


このスタジオでは制作工房を中⼼に、周辺環境を取り込みながら様々なイベントや企画を開催していきます。まさに沿岸のベルト地帯にある点在する資源を繋ぎ、東京のクリエイティブのハブにしていく、そういう思いで、この⼯房は「BUCKLE KOBO」と名付けられました。


This art studio will hold a variety of events and programs centered on the workshops and encompassing the surrounding environment. With a vision to connect the various resources dotting the coastal belt to form a creative hub in Tokyo, we named the studio “BUCKLE KOBO.” 





Q: Who operates it?

It is primarily run by members of Warehouse TERRADA’s Art Business Planning Project Team and interested artists. Once the operational framework has been established, we intend to employ studio, café and management staff. In the future, we will enhance D.I.Y. services for the studios and create a unique organization. Taking advantage of the industrial location, we will provide open-access spaces where processing work using open flames and generating loud noises can be carried out under the supervision of expert staff.



特にアート分野の幅を広げるため、2014年に「T-Art Gallery」をオープン、また若手アーティストの発掘・支援のため「TERRADA ART AWARD」をスタートさせました。そして昨年7月には伝統画材を研究・販売する画材ラボ「PIGMENT (ピグモン)」をオープンしました。

Q: What is the purpose in doing this?

Since its founding in 1950, Warehouse TERRADA has worked to increase the depth of its business in the storage and preservation of highly specialized items such as wine, video media and artworks under the best possible conditions.

In order to expand the scope of the art field in particular, in 2014, we opened T-Art Gallery and also launched the TERRADA ART AWARD to discover and support young artists. Last July, we also opened PIGMENT, an art supply lab for researching and selling traditional art supplies.

All of these services are founded on the philosophy of a “thousand-year warehouse.” We carefully store artifacts and culture for long periods, and over the course of time we aspire to create an environment that will give birth to new culture. This is our frame of mind.

This Keihinjima Project is the starting point of our endeavors to develop urban districts and regions through the creativity of artists.

It is about what kind of organization the artists gathering together will create under the banner of our cause. Rather than invest in the project as a single company, we would like to communicate culture by questioning the value of its existence in society and proceeding with the project by engaging as many people as possible.






Q: What is the situation now? Looking forward, what kind of activities do you intend to engage in?

At present, part of the ironworks is being used as a workshop by a lathe turner, but much of the space is not being used at all. Our objective is to breathe new life into the facility and make it a place where creative people gather together.

1) Open-access art factory: an art studio where a variety of processing work can be performed

There will be no need to worry about making noise or using open flames. We will provide support to people who want to be creative by offering advice on how to use tools and how to make things. The studio will also be open to the public for a monthly fee of 10,000 yen (8,000 yen for students).

Managed by: Warehouse TERRADA’s Art Business Planning Project Team

2) International artists-in-residence (artists’ ateliers)

As a place for communicating Tokyo’s culture and as the city’s first open studio residence, BUCKLE KOBO will promote interaction among international creators.

We intend to create workshops and ateliers of the like never seen before, where influential artists from every corner of Tokyo will gather. We also plan to host programs and events partnering architecture, music and fashion fields through an open studio format. It will become a hub of international interaction where collective studios and university organizations of other Asian countries such as Taiwan and Hong Kong will mutually engage in artist exchanges and programs.



「BUCKLE KOBO」で起こるそういった作用が周辺に波及し、人の流れが生まれていくような起点になればと思います。

Q: What sort of change will this project bring (and what ripple effects will it have)?

Over the past several years, there has been a movement to renovate old properties in the eastern side of Tokyo such as Kiyosumi-shirakawa and Soto-kanda areas or Sumida-ku as places for art professionals to gather and exchange information. However, the venues are scattered and finding them can be difficult, especially for people from overseas.

The Keihinjima-Tennoz Isle area is easily accessible from Haneda Airport.

With the goal of creating a hub for the exchange of artistic and creative information and talents, we will begin by launching BUCKLE KOBO as a space where artists can interact with studio artists from Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Keihinjima has always been a place with many factories and spaces for crafting things. A master turner also works in this ironworks. An inflow of young artists into such a space will provide stimulation for all parties, and they will undoubtedly have many lessons to learn from each other.

We hope that such activities taking place at BUCKLE KOBO will spread to the surrounding areas and provide the spark that will generate a sizable flow of people.

松下徹がオーガナイズしている『SIDE CORE』のオープニングの様子


全くゼロからのスタートです!!この空っぽの工場を見ても、ここに人が集い、ここから作品が生ま れ、賑わいが生まれていくことは、なかなか想像ができないかもしれません。しかし、ゼロからだからこそ、ここでリサイクル家具を作ったら、ここで自転車の 整備工房兼ポートがあったら、ここで近所の人が集まるような喫茶スペースができたら、1日限りのエクスクルーシヴなスペシャルディナーがあったら、など、 イメージは無限に広がります。それを可能にするのがアーティストのクリエイティビティなのです。

Anticipated risks and challenges

We are starting completely from scratch! Just looking at the empty space in this factory, it may be hard to imagine that people will soon gather here to create diverse works, and in a matter of time it will become an exciting hive of activity. Because we are starting from scratch, the possibilities are unlimited. Someone might want to open a furniture recycling shop, set up a bicycle maintenance shop & station, create a café space for people nearby to get together, or host an exclusive 1-night-only special dinner. The creativity of artists will make all that possible.

Please join us!



This project has only just begun.

More and more interesting things will be created as people in various positions and with various skills gather here. With this in mind, we will kick off crowdfunding. We invite you to join us on this exciting adventure!  



BUCKLE KOBOをぜひご活用いただきたく、日程は後ほど候補をおしらせしますのでぜひおこしください(交通手段などはご案内いたします)。

BUCKLE KOBOは6月にスタート予定です。オープニングを祝いまして、応援していただいた皆様をお招きしたオープニングレセプションを行いたいと思います。みんなで一緒にお祝いしましょう!


BUCKLE KOBOをいつでも好きな時に1ヶ月間ご利用いただけるフリーパスです。

BUCKLE KOBO企画、この時ここでしか味わえない、特別なディナーをご用意したいと思います。特別な音楽、映像、絵、触覚、味覚、嗅覚、すべてを使って、一期一会の空間を作りたいと思います。こちらは、いわばエクスクルーシブなメンバーに向けてのものなので、一人一人に楽しんでいただけるよう、アートチームでおもてなしいたします。特製お土産もつきます。

BUCKLE KOBOの壁やモルタルに、感謝の気持ちを込めて、お名前または御社名を刻印致します。

今後BUCKLE KOBOが作るWEBや広報物に、SPONSERとして常にクレジットさせていただきます。このBUCKLE KOBOが、SPONSERの皆様により支えられていることを、大切にしたいと思います。

【BUCKLE KOBOオリジナルの作品プレゼント(エディション付)
BUCKLE KOBOのメンバーで、オリジナルの作品を作りプレゼント致します。限定30個のエディション付です。

BUCKLE KOBOの設立メンバーとしていつでもお迎え致します。

FOUNDERの⼀⼈として、ポートレートとネームプレート を制作し、⼯房に飾ります


E-mailing of members-only content
We will provide you with updates on the art studio as one of our members.

One-day KOBO complimentary pass (Information on available dates to be provided at a later time)
We invite you to come and make use of BUCKLE KOBO. We look forward to seeing you on one of the available dates, which we will notify you of at a later time. (Information on transportation will also be provided.)

Invitation to the opening reception
BUCKLE KOBO is scheduled to open in June. To celebrate the occasion, we cordially invite all of our supporters to the opening reception. Let’s celebrate this new beginning together!

Opening reception video
We understand that you may not be able to attend the opening reception in person. For those who are unable to attend, we will record the event and provide a video report as our gift to you. We want to share our excitement with everyone including those separated from us by distance.

1-month free pass to the KOBO
This is a free pass that allows you to use BUCKLE KOBO whenever you wish for one month.

Special dinner (with a gift)
We will arrange a special dinner produced by BUCKLE KOBO that can only be enjoyed at one night at BUCKLE KOBO. We will create a once-in-a-lifetime experience with special music, video, art and food that will stimulate all of your 6 senses. This is an invitation extended to discerning members, and the art team’s impeccable hospitality will ensure everyone has a memorable time. Guests will also be presented with a customized gift.

Your name or the name of your company engraved within the KOBO
We will engrave your name or the name of your company on a wall or in mortar at BUCKLE KOBO as a sign of our gratitude.

Sponsor acknowledgement on websites and in advertising materials
You will always be acknowledged as a sponsor on websites and in advertising materials created by BUCKLE KOBO in the future. We want to show our gratitude for the support provided to BUCKLE KOBO by our sponsors.

Original gift created at BUCKLE KOBO (with edition numbers)
We will provide you with an original gift created at BUCKLE KOBO. These will be limited to 30 editions.

KOBO founders’ use of the studio at any time
At BUCKLE KOBO, we will welcome you as a founding member at any time.

A portrait and nameplate for each KOBO founder created and displayed in the studio
With the assistance of an artist, an original portrait of you will be created from a photo you provide, and it will be displayed on a wall of the studio along with a nameplate.

Drawing & Images by Tohru Matsushita
Movie & Photos by Akira Fujimoto
Special thanks to Jango, Mr. Otaka, TETE and all the staffs of TERRADA


  • 500


    • 会員限定のコンテンツをメールでお送りします
    • 2016年03月 にお届け予定です。
    • 18人が応援しています。
  • 5000


    • 会員限定のコンテンツをメールでお送りします
    • KOBO一日利⽤権(日程候補は後ほどご案内します)
    • 2016年06月 にお届け予定です。
    • 14人が応援しています。
  • 10000


    • 会員限定のコンテンツをメールでお送りします
    • KOBO一日利⽤権(日程候補は後ほどご案内します)
    • オープニングレセプションご招待
    • 映像レポートのプレゼント
    • 2016年06月 にお届け予定です。
    • 31人が応援しています。
  • 30000


    • 会員限定のコンテンツをメールでお送りします
    • KOBO1ヶ月フリーパス
    • オープニングレセプションご招待
    • 映像レポートのプレゼント
    • 1日限りのスペシャル食事会にご参加いただけます(お土産付)
    • 2016年06月 にお届け予定です。
    • 5人が応援しています。
  • 50000


    • 会員限定のコンテンツをメールでお送りします
    • KOBO1ヶ月フリーパス
    • オープニングレセプションご招待
    • 映像レポートのプレゼント
    • 1日限りのスペシャル食事会にご参加いただけます(お土産付)
    • KOBO内にお名前または御社名を刻印いたします
    • 2016年06月 にお届け予定です。
    • 11人が応援しています。
  • 100000


    • 会員限定のコンテンツをメールでお送りします
    • KOBO1ヶ月フリーパス
    • オープニングレセプションご招待
    • 映像レポートのプレゼント
    • 1日限りのスペシャル食事会にご参加いただけます(お土産付)
    • KOBO内にお名前または御社名を刻印いたします
    • WEBや広報物にSPONSERとしてクレジットさせていただきます
    • 2016年06月 にお届け予定です。
    • 1人が応援しています。
  • 残り28枚



    • 会員限定のコンテンツをメールでお送りします
    • KOBO1ヶ月フリーパス
    • オープニングレセプションご招待
    • 映像レポートのプレゼント
    • 1日限りのスペシャル食事会にご参加いただけます(お土産付)
    • KOBO内にお名前または御社名を刻印いたします
    • WEBや広報物にSPONSERとしてクレジットさせていただきます
    • BUCKLE KOBOオリジナルの作品プレゼント(エディション付)
    • 2016年06月 にお届け予定です。
    • 2人が応援しています。
  • 残り4枚



    • 会員限定のコンテンツをメールでお送りします
    • KOBOのFOUNDERの一人として、いつでも工房をご利用いただけます
    • オープニングレセプションご招待
    • 映像レポートのプレゼント
    • 1日限りのスペシャル食事会にご参加いただけます(お土産付)
    • WEBや広報物にSPONSERとしてクレジットさせていただきます
    • BUCKLE KOBOオリジナルの作品プレゼント(エディション付)
    • FOUNDERの⼀⼈として、ポートレートとネームプレート を制作し、⼯房に飾ります
    • 2016年06月 にお届け予定です。
    • 1人が応援しています。